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"The learning model fundamentally changes the way students look at the world ... It's a blueprint to help propel humanity into its next evolution of world action."

- A newly trained teacher after one year of implementation

A Difference in the
Lives of Children

"Full-Circle Learning has come to revive our national system. This program has made a great difference in the lives of the children."

- Harry Kennedy, Harvard International School Leader, Nigeria

Everything Became Relevant

"I couldn't believe that everything in our lesson plan units became relevant to what was going on in the broader community that very first year!"

- Christopher Andrews, Los Angeles Unified School District Teacher

Welcome to the
Class of Love

"Tears came to my eyes when I walked into the room and these young children stood without being asked and turned and said, "Good morning, Aunty ... Welcome to the class of Love."

- Sheila Tantoh, Teacher Trainer, Cameroon

Hi, I'm Teresa Langness.

Please join me and your friends or colleagues as you discover new ways to unlock the potential of today's learners. Teachers around the world have seen their work become relevant, their classrooms collaborative and their communities transformed using these tools. Let's get started.

Do you long for more respect in the classroom? For higher student motivation? For solutions to to community challenges?

As founding board president of Full-Circle Learning, I'm inviting you to explore some options, whether you teach in a public, private, charter, independent, or village school. Thirty years of research, experience and wisdom exchanges around the world have offered a glimpse of the transformative aspects of learning that remain universal and those which must be customized for local needs.

We are eager to share our learning, to engage you in the global movement of change taking shape.